Sittason Family Dentistry

Sittason Family Dentistry achieved a remarkable improvement in their rankings, securing a position in the coveted TOP 3 of the Google Map Pack for the search query “dentist near me” in the Priceville, Alabama area. Our initial scan, conducted on January 10th when we began working with them, showed their rankings in the Map Pack. Remarkably, by January 26th, they had already reached the top position within the Google 3-Pack.

The cost per click (CPC) for “dentist near me” in Priceville, AL, varies between $5.97 and $16.37, and there are approximately 390 monthly searches for this keyword in the locality. At an average CPC of $10, this translates to substantial savings of $3,900 if the office had chosen to pay for Google AdWords (PPC – paid per click) to appear at the top of the search results.