Own Case study

We’re not your typical marketing agency in fact, we’re deeply rooted in the dental industry. We own and operate dental offices in one of the most competitive and challenging areas in the United States – Los Angeles, where insurance reimbursements are among the lowest. Why is this important? Because it drives us to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and marketing strategies to not only survive but thrive in the face of intense competition.

Our unique advantage lies in the fact that we implement and test everything we recommend in our very own dental clinics. This hands-on approach ensures that we only advocate strategies that have proven success. As evidence of our expertise, here are some of the impressive rankings we’ve achieved for our Harmony Dental Care offices:

  • Dentist in Burbank
  • Dentist in Santa Clarita
  • Dentist in West Covina

These rankings demonstrate our ability to secure prominent positions within the Map Pack, showcasing our effective strategies and commitment to delivering results for our clients.

At the top explaining Google Map Pack ranking increase

Our other case studies demonstrate significant improvements in the visibility of dental offices when users search for “dental offices near me” on Google. The key to standing out lies in securing a top position within the Google Map Pack, which garners approximately 60% of the search traffic, resulting in increased calls from potential new patients with high intent. The Google Map Pack is prominently displayed on search results pages, typically positioned just below paid ads and above organic search results. When a clinic secures a spot in this 3-pack, it captures all the traffic from local searches without the need for substantial monthly advertising expenses on Google. In the visual representation, the circles denote the clinic’s rankings: red or yellow signifies being outside the 3-pack, whereas green, accompanied by a number, indicates the ranking position within the top three Map Pack listings.